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UPVC Spray Painting Services

The whiteness of UPVC does not last. Over time, UV light fades it. Our UPVC spray painting services not only modify the colour of the UPVC on the outside, but also create a UV-protective barrier. This will extend its life while also giving your property a new brand new look.

One of the most effective methods to improve the appearance of your home is to paint your UPVC windows. Most homes have white UPVC windows or the later brown model of windows. White UPVC can just be sprayed white again if you want to keep the original look or you might want to choose the latest trending colours of Anthracite Grey, Light Grey, Chartwell Green or Black. Whatever the colour of your current UPVC windows they can be spray painted any colour from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

Painting UPVC windows is a specialist job and we do not recommend you do this yourself unless you have the right equipment, materials, and experience of using air spraying machine.  Companies that utilise paints that just attach to the UPVC should be avoided. Over time, these paints are prone to flaking. Always use water-based paint, and let it dry naturally rather than through a chemical reaction. We utilise European-made UPVC paints that meet these requirements. They are the greatest in the industry.

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What Preparation is needed Before Painting UPVC Windows?

The preparation of UPVC before spraying is absolutely vital. First off, the weather needs to be warm and dry and not moist or raining as this affect the ability of the UPVC paint to bond. When the air temperature is between 12 and 30°C, paint should be applied. The preparation is the biggest factor affecting the final finish because if this is not done correctly the paint will start peeling after a year or two. Our experienced spray team thoroughly prepare the area with sheeting to avoid overspray, followed by carefully masking each UPVC window or door before they begin the UPVC window spraying process.

For your home, we provide the best quality UPVC spray painting services. Bespoke UPVC are your go-to UPVC painters in the area. We know everything there is to know about UPVC spray painting. We’re well-known and highly recommended by our clients, and our work is backed by a 10-year guarantee. Our work is distinguished by its immaculate finish. We’ll make your UPVC appear brand new and help it last for years. To ensure a comprehensive and proper job, we always provide an expert service and use high quality materials. Our spraying machines alone cost thousands to buy and perform then times better than a fifty quid machine bought from B & Q.

We can spray paint all your home’s UPVC, both inside and out. We spray any size UPVC Windows from tiny bathroom windows to standard size windows and the larger more complicated bay windows. Prices vary depend on the size of the window because we must consider preparation time. materials needed and the amount of paint used to perfect the job. We spray any size UPVC Doors and can include frames and side panels no matter what material they are made of. In fact, many homes have metal garage doors instead of UPVC garage doors and we have no problem being able to spray any material you need recolouring. Painting UPVC conservatories is time consuming due to the attention to masking detail required to make sure there are no overspray’s, and all of the frame is sprayed correctly.

We know what we’re doing because we’ve done it before. We’ve created an efficient system for spray painting UPVC after more than 20 years in the industry. This ensures a flawless finish with no overspray. Our paint is also resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. We’re the genuine article. We can spray paint any colour you choose on your UPVC. The majority of our customers choose black or dark grey to complement the red brickwork and stone. We’ll make whatever colour you want for your house a reality. We can also provide a full solution because we spray paint both internal and outdoor UPVC.

The painted finish should last at least 10 years, which is why all of our paintwork is backed by a 10-year warranty. The paints we use form a molecular bond with the UPVC, which completely changes the colour of the UPVC plastic. To build a lasting finish, subsequent paint layers bond with each previous paint layer.

You may rest assured that when you choose us, you will always get the greatest results. Look at some of Bespoke Sprays most recent projects in our gallery.

What Preparation is Needed before uPVC Window Spraying?
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